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Main Objective

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Written by Admin Sunday, 02 May 2010 09:57


    1. Evaluation, assesment, documentation, inventorisation and conservation of natural resources of Chhattisgarh, the Herbal State.
    2. Promotion of organic cultivation of Indian medicinal and aromatic crops.
    3. Promotion of organic cultivation practices with promising tools like vemicompostig etc.
    4. Provide a forum to researchers, scientists, farmers, social workers, common persons and all associated with various aspects of medicinal herbs.
    5. Development and generation of employment oppurtunities for rural youths through herbal farming.
    6. Promotion of sustainable agriculture.
    7. Field evaluations and trials to identify the suitable herbs in different parts of Chhattisgarh, India.
    8. In-situ and Ex-situ conservation of herbs.
    9. Promotion and establishment of EMF (Ethno Medico Forest)
    10. Establishment of advanced processing units of herbs.
    11. Establishment of Traditional Healer Forum.
    12. Establishment of Herbal Information Center in different regions with all tools of IT.
    13. Documentation of traditional medicinal knowledge of herbs.
    14. Revitalization of local health traditions and rediscovery of less known herbs and herbal combinations.
    15. Experimentation on different aspects of herbs based on farmer's need.
    16. Encourgement,motivation and technical help to regional non-governmental organisations.
    17. Promotion of herbal marketing and elimination of middle men.
    18. Establishment of advanced research laboratory for quality analysis of herbs.
    19. Development of herbal nursery to provide different herbs at lower rates.
    20. Publication of literatures on herbs in different Indian languages.
    21. Creation of awareness about valuable herbs through frequent conferences, seminars, workshops, training camps, field demonstrations, field trips etc:
    22. Establishment of herbal product manufacturing units with the objective of generation of employment oppurtunities.
    23. Empowerment of Tribals, SC/ST, Weaker section & under priviledged women.

Recently Maa Danteshwari Women self help group has been formed to.

1-Prepare Vermi Compost

2-Herbal Cultivation.        

3-Organic Farming.          

4-Herbal Processing.        

5-Herbal Nursery.             

For Marketing their products tie up with-MDHP LTD.