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Research Wing

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Written by Admin Sunday, 02 May 2010 10:04

1. Chief Scientist: Recruitment Under Process soon to be recruited...
2. Senior Scientist:
3. Field Scientist:

Research Achievements

1. Agrotechnology :- Agrotechnology for organic cultivation of
a) Safed musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum)
b) Annatto ( Bixa orellena )
c) Buch (Acorus calamus)
d) Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata)
e) Kamhar (Gmelina arborea)
f) Kali musli ( Curculigo orchoides)
g) Mandukparni (Centella asiatica)
h) Sarpgandha (Rauvolfia serpentina)
i) Lemon grass ( Cympbopogon citratus), have been developed for the Chhattisgarh farmers.
j)Black Pepper (Kali Mirch) 

2. Seed Bank / Field Gene Bank
SAMPDA is having rich collection of indigenous herbal species. The emphasis is on Safed Musli herb. At present over 16 wild species are maintained in field gene bank.

3. Technology on bio-inoculants and growth promotion of medicinal and aromatic crops.
A promising technology for the biological control of plant pathogens as well as growth promotion of the crops using bio inoculants was developed by SAMPDA. The regional farmers are taking keen interest. SAMPDA has its own vermi composting unit and training center. The research on herb based natural pesticides is also under progress.

4. Cost effective process for the extraction of Lemon Grass oil- This process has been developed and through extension,new growers are encouraged by the experts of SAMPDA to adopt it.

5. Economically viable technology for processing of Safed musli crop has also been developed.

6. Field introduction and evaluation Development of suitable commercial cultivars of Safed musli have been done. The field evaluation of some important medicinal and aromatic crops like Chlorophytum borivilianum,Bixa orellena,Andrographis paniculata,Gymnema sylvestris,J atropha curcas,Abelmoschus moschatus, Mucuna pruriens,
Ocimum Centella asiatica, Rauvolfia serpentina etc.have been done by SAMPDA.

Research Underway at SAMPDA'S research farm

(A) Field Experiments
1. Evaluation of medicinal herb based different intercropping systems.
2. Studies on efficacies of indigenous herbs as botanicals against common pest in medicinal crops.
3 .Effect of different organic inputs on growth and yield of Safed musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum)
4. Studies on growth pattern of herbs in Ethnomedico forest.
5. Field trials to evaluate the performance of different Musli species collected from different comers of India.
6. Effect of green spray on growth and yield of Sarpgandha ( Rauvolfia serpentina)

(B) Laboratory Experiments
1) Allelopathic studies on all major medicinal and aromatic crops of Chhattisgarh.
2) Studies on germination of Sarpgandha.
3) Studies on germination of Jatropha.

(C) Ethnobotanical and Ethnozoolocical surveys.
These surveys are in progress in southern parts of Chhattisgarh,lndia.

(D) Studies of Herbs in natural habitat-
These studies are underway at EMF (Ethno medico forest) developed by the SAMPDA.

(E) Soil testing and allkaloid analysis laboratory
In this labratory SAMPDA is providing soil testing facilities to the herb growers, free of cost. The facilities for analysis of Safed musli for saponin contents are also available.